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What do you do when power goes off?

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A gasoline powered generator has a fuel tank and an engine. The fuel tank contains the fuel. The engine burns the fuel to produce the electricity. When the fuel tank is empty the engine stops, and you must refill the fuel tank. Filling the fuel tanks only takes a few minutes. But depending on where you live the amount of gasoline you can store may be limited.

A solar generator (power station) has a battery that stores energy collected from sunlight.  An inverter converts that 12v D/C to 120v A/C and powers your appliances. When the battery is empty the power stops, and the battery must be re-charged. Re-charging the battery will take hours. If it is dark or cloudy you could have a problem unless you have an alternate method of re-charging the battery.

The obvious solution to us is a gas-powered generator and some form of solar power.

In years past you would just go looking for a generator that would produce the wattage you need, but today there are choices. Now you can choose between the less expensive regular big heavy, loud, gas sucking generator and the more expensive small, lightweight, quiet, fuel-efficient Inverter Generator.

Today solar energy is becoming more efficient and less expensive. If you have more money than time, you can buy a plug and play solar generator. However, if you have more time than money, or simply like saving money, you can build your own. We would like to help you with both.

And how are you going to cook your meals? If you don't have natural gas or propane a good solution is inexpensive propane camp stove.