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Solar Generators

Above each power station you will find the watts(w) and the watt hour(wh) rating of each power station.  Example: 1800w – 1534wh means 1800 watts available at the receptacle and a 1534 watt-hour storage battery. Using the watts, you can determine which power stations will power the devices you wish to run. Using the watt-hours (battery capacity) you can determine the length of time the power station will run the devices. 

Before purchasing any power station, please, take the time to calculate the number of watts and watt hours you need. Go to the CALCULATE WATTS page. With a gas-powered generator when it runs out of fuel you can quickly refuel it. With a solar generator the battery is the fuel tank. When the battery runs out of energy it will take hours to recharge, and it cannot recharge at all if it is dark or cloudy. It is best to be sure the battery has enough storage capacity (watt hours) to get through those times without sunshine.

The power station listed here, Jackery, Eco Flow and Bluetti, are each listed in order from lowest wattage to highest wattage.


200w  - 200wh


200w - 200wh


300w - 210wh


2400w - 2015wh Expandable

        300w - 500wh                 

       300w - 500wh        with solar panel


300w - 293wh


300w - 293wh


600w - 288wh


            Eco flow               solar Panel

        700w - 537wh                 

      700w - 537wh        with solar panel

500w - 518wh


500w - 518wh


600w - 720wh


 600w - 288wh         with solar panel

       800w - 716wh                 

        800w - 716wh        with solar panels

1000w - 1002wh


1000w - 1002wh


1400w- 882wh


 600w - 720wh         with solar panel

    1000w - 1500wh             

     1000w - 1500wh        with solar panels

1800w - 1534wh


1800w - 1534wh


1800w - 1260wh


1800w - 1260wh        with solar panel

    2000w - 2000wh             

      2000w - 2000wh       with solar panels

For All Jackery  



2000w - 1612wh Expandable


 2000w - 1612wh        with solar panels

      2200w - 2048wh          Expandable

             Bluetti                solar panel